Aleut Family Web Site  

I recieved a letter from my hosting provider that my server is way over capacity.    Mater of fact The itself is over my anode limit.    Consequently I can no longer host your site on my server.    The Aleut program will have to hoste the site themselves, place it on the state or parks site, or I will have to purchase a larger plan.

I have all the necessary files to get the site up and running on the government site or on a hosting service you provide if you still want to have a web presence.    The hosting service will cost around $12.00 a year for the domain name and $119.00 a year for the hosting service.

I can get your web site up and running with your own hosting provider if you are interested.    I would be happy to lend a hand in whatever you need building a new site.    I use HostGator and they are great.    They have an introductory price of $47.52 a year if you purchase a 3 year plan.    After the 3 years introductory price, it will go up to the regular price.

You may be able to connect it to the .gov site.    I have all the files stored in a safe place.

John Gay

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